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Editing services is an option for all packages. If you have videos from something you or others recorded that you wish to be edited, we have packages for these too.


Andrew is one of the most dedicated and gifted video
editing artists I have ever met. He helped us edit a 30-
minute documentary in record time for a showing event
deadline. He did this quickly, skillfully, and artfully adding
value all along the way. He seeks to understand what his
customer is trying to communicate and then helps to
visually stimulate and accomplish that and more. His
suggestions, which I thought were a bit radical at the
time, have proven to be some of the most beloved parts
of the documentary. He understands learning impacts on
many levels: auditorily; visually; through timing and
appropriate repetition; and color usage. He applies his
understanding of communication and his advanced
computer skills to build great videos.

Mary Dailey Brown / President /

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