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*Streaming opens up other revenue streams for a live event.  By having a product that people pay to view.  You can charge a premium for people to be a part of your stream.   


Streaming also records and gives you marketing and ad material that can be used to promote future shows.


Having trouble expanding your brand live streaming creates an interactive product that makes people feel like part of your brand even if they can not attend the event.


You recieve quality live streaming options for your event. Customers proved wired internet connections.

Venue / Conference Center

  • Up to 3 camera static shots, from wide, medium, or close up.

  • Streamed to your platform of choice.

  • A copy of the unedited stream

  • One person per camera to moniture stream quality.

  • Options to add on editing, live graphics and animations.

Breakout Sessions 

  • One wide camera in each room.

  • Live animations and graphics are not available for live sessions, but can be available for edited versions for rebroadcasting. 

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